Each of them meets the International Safety Management (ISM) standard for safe management and operation of ships and pollution prevention. Each has proven his ability to meet the high expectations of Integrity guests and the high standards set by its owners, the Sievers Team.

Integrity Crew

The Crew

The captain, skilled in the use of latest navigational and safety equipment, is responsible for the Integrity, your safety and the performance of the crew.

Travelers everywhere look forward to this time of day when, bathed in the golden light, they share a fine beverage with like-minded souls.

It's cocktail time

Accompanied by the naturalist, we come and go (always wearing lifejackets) on a "panga" (local word for a skiff of any kind) that is powered by a quiet, odor-free, 4-stroke outboard motor.

At either of the two bars you may order your choice of cocktail, whisky, gin or scotch, a glass wine, a complimentary draft beer or a soft drink.

Integrity crew-there when you need them, cheerful, always helpful and always safety minded.